Ayy I'm still alive to all of you who stumbled across me here. I just post to Instagram as it's significantly faster to do from my phone. I'll update everything here soon and try to post more frequently. Thanks

Started a tumblr

2016-02-04 17:16:01 by Carchcommand

Just letting you all know that I started a tumblr account and that I regularly post painting updates sketches there. Username is carchcommand. 


2016-01-05 09:38:04 by Carchcommand



Exactly what the title says, I'm taking sketch requests. I really want to improve my art overall and I feel like taking requests is one way to do that. So to whoever is out there and wants something drawn, I'm your guy.

THE ONLY THING I ASK OF YOU IN RETURN: if you like the sketch I make for you, post it somewhere, give me credit, and link them to my deviantart or to my newgrounds page here.


  • No explicit nudity (genetalia or other erogenous zones) (If you have something borderline, message me and we'll talk about it.)
  • Preferably no gore, blood is okay but not in excess.
  • I would rather not draw MLP or furries.
  • Try not to make it too complex.
  • If I don't want to do your request for any reason I'll tell you I'm not going to do it, though I'll work with you to make it doable if its within the guidelines.

And that's it, if you want something drawn message me personally and I'll see what I can do. 





2015-11-01 19:25:07 by Carchcommand

Since I really dno't know how newgrounds works I'm not sure if the people who follow me are notified when I post something that doesn't go into the art portal. So here I am letting you know that I posted a picture of a work in progress that I'm currently working on, so go enjoy it and come back here and let me know what you think of it so far. I would really appreciate it! :D

Stuff and things

2015-10-27 11:06:20 by Carchcommand

Hey there to all you fellows and ladies who follow me, just letting you all know that I'm getting into a pretty good groove with art and am expecting to be posting much more frequently. So yep :P

And so it begins.

2015-05-10 17:22:57 by Carchcommand

Working on some new stuff. :D feelsgoodman.jpg. I'm staying with the style I've been using, but adding an elemental aspect to it. I'll post within the next few days.

I'm not dead or anything

2015-05-07 19:09:29 by Carchcommand

To those of you who enjoy my art, I'm just letting you know that I'm not dead or anything. I realize that it's been like two weeks since I've last posted, and that feels like forever to me. I had this huge stress looming over my head to keep making things better and better, and it made it very difficult to make something simply because I love it. So I decided that I needed a break. BUT, the break is over, and I'm attempting to get the gears turning again. I'm just going to paint whatever the heck I want to and I'm going to love it :D Thanks!


2015-02-04 11:41:40 by Carchcommand

Greetings. I've come to share the products of my spent-time.