I'm not dead or anything

2015-05-07 19:09:29 by Carchcommand

To those of you who enjoy my art, I'm just letting you know that I'm not dead or anything. I realize that it's been like two weeks since I've last posted, and that feels like forever to me. I had this huge stress looming over my head to keep making things better and better, and it made it very difficult to make something simply because I love it. So I decided that I needed a break. BUT, the break is over, and I'm attempting to get the gears turning again. I'm just going to paint whatever the heck I want to and I'm going to love it :D Thanks!


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2015-05-07 21:46:02

Break is always good, but it's also good that you recognize when the break is over! i'm sure you've drummed up enough inspiration at this point to get back at it again :v I'm glad!