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My name is Carchcommand, I post art for my story that I'm working on, Peril Melodia. I hope you stick around! :3

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I made a post?

Posted by Carchcommand - November 22nd, 2017

Yep! I'm going to be uploading all of the stuff i've been working on for the past year today. Thanks for all your patience for you few who followed my art. I really do love the community here. It's just such a hastle to post on mobile -_- Luckily I now have a PC, also dropbox makes it 1000% easier to post things. So here I am.




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I for one would like to see more of your art and read more of your story. What are some of you long term plans for Peril Melodia?

Long term plans: Some sort of Narrative art books, with Paintings and stories to go alongside them.

Peril Melodia is a long long story in my mind. It begins with the stories of the people of the first age, their rise to power and the lengths at which they would go to be like their god Eliel. People were overcome with madness and vanity for the powers they had amassed, they lost sight of their reasons for wanting to be like him. They became twisted and evil, deformed and unbelievably powerful by the means of dark magics and divine machines. There were those that fought back against them, repenting of the evil they had commited, these were called the "Absolved", after intense battle and endless death Eliel banished the "First Flock" from the earth, to be locked beyond the stars for eternity. The absolved were laid to rest, until the day that they may be needed again.

After their expulsion into the Deep Night, the stories focus on the men in the ages following (way too much too summarize here), primarily in the country of Seadren. The Church of Eliel is the main power in the area, and all seems well for centuries. Behind the peace though are those who wish to summon this "Advent Flock", the banished people First Age. In order for this to happen, a blasphemous hymn as old as the stars must be sung, the song is Peril Melodia. This is the story of those involved or affected by its performance, a story of men, God, and those in between.

Also I post almost daily on my Instagram @carchcommand if you want to catch me there, I post lots of story and maaaaaaany more paintings.

Also thanks so much for your continued support, it really means the world to me.