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2015-10-27 11:06:20 by Carchcommand

Hey there to all you fellows and ladies who follow me, just letting you all know that I'm getting into a pretty good groove with art and am expecting to be posting much more frequently. So yep :P


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2015-10-27 11:12:30

Good luck!

Carchcommand responds:

Thanks :D


2015-10-27 11:24:27

Nah,you don't have to thank me,it's nothing!Do you have any art coming up for Halloween?

Carchcommand responds:

WOAH THATS IN 4 DAYS?! That came up way too fast, I'll definitely try to come up with something though.


2015-10-27 11:39:41

Take it easy,lad,creativity shouldn't be rushed.


2015-10-27 19:07:16

good! glad you found your new groove like that one emperor... ;)